Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Book

Jews and Christians are referred to in the koran as "the people of the Book". Therefore, we should honor Jews and Christians, because, after all, they were the ones who gave us "the Book", that is, the Bible.

Why, then, don't muslims honor Jews and Christians?

And don't give me this baloney about how "Jews and Christians have corrupted their own Scriptures".

You are dishonoring the "people of the Book" by presuming to accuse them of something as serious as corrupting their own Scriptures.

If Jews and Christians are truly the "people of the Book", like the koran says that they are, you should ask them if your scriptures are accurate, rather than accuse them of corrupting theirs.


Abe Bird said...

I think that the Koran has two faces regarding the way it looks towards Judeo-Christianity - Jews and Christians. I hope you'll discuss the other face too.

person of the Book said...

It does seem to treat Jews with more disdain than Christians -- at least that's the attitude I've picked up when listening to Muslims.

There is a very important point here in terms of how the koran looks at prior revelation from God -- it rejects it.

The New Testament, on the other hand, is entirely based on the Old Testament -- the NT being, of course, the Christian part, and the OT being the Jewish part.

I'm really not sure how Muslims can so easily reject the prior revelation from God. Do they think that God was wrong the first time? IMPOSSIBLE!

person of the Book said...

Speaking of prior revelation being rejected by muslims, it just occurred to me that they do that with THEIR OWN scriptures!

If Mohammed said one thing today, then something else tomorrow which contradicts the first thing, the principle of "abrogation" is employed to cancel the first thing he said, and go with the second thing.

In other words, Mohammed was a false prophet, but muslims have come up with a way to excuse that.

Jauhara: Insolent Infidel and Uncovered Woman said...

What is so frustrating is the casual disdain with which muslims accuse us of corrupting our scriptures. To believe it so effortlessly is to believe that we have Bibles which say radically different things from each other. That would be corruption, but no, wherever and whenever we find fragments of scriptures and they are much older than the koran, to be sure, we find agreement with the rest of it. Sure, Catholics may include the Apocrypha in their scriptures, and other sects of Christians may have the Book of Barnabas included in their New Testaments, but there is overall agreement in the New Testament, and in the Old Testament. Where we disagree with each other is interpretation.

Anonymous said...

My friend Naseem told me that Jews are monkeys and non muslims are apes and pigs? I feel that he really meant that we non muslims are really like farm animals, sort of like a kind noble animal farm type characters. I doubt muslims mean any harm in calling us dogs and pigs, I also believe that to think they mean us any harm is racism. I believe this because I am a liberal. Also Islam literally means peace.